Our Ship’s Heading

We are a boutique QA consultancy that helps software development shops achieve higher quality through less effort.

This is attained through sound strategy, simple process, open source tooling, and training.

Our specialties include:
* Automated Acceptance Testing
* Specification By Example
* Continuous Integration
* Continuous Delivery
* DevOps
* Ruby Development

Captain’s Log

There I was, 10 years old, on my Huffy, peddling with purpose. Traveling door-to-door with a backpack full of cucumbers slung over my shoulder – selling to anyone in my neighborhood who would take them. I was care free and out to make a buck.

Most people near my house knew me and knew that my Mom was a voracious gardener. So I stayed close to home. Early sales were effortless.

This success fueled my ambition. I had to expand. So I quickly started to canvas further out. Going to houses of families I never met several blocks away. Unfortunately they didn’t know me, and didn’t want to buy.

I slinked back home after days of trying, feeling defeated. I remember blurting out “So much for building my riches before the age of 15”. My Mom was nearby and started laughing. After a minute she said something that changed my life – “You’re good with computers, why don’t you use ours to help yourself?”.

Such a simple question. One that opened up an entirely new way of thinking for me. Not for video games. Not for homework. But to help people. It’s something that’s stuck with me since then. Something that’s been a formative component of my world view and the bed rock that Arrgyle was built on.

I was able to use this question to help solve my problem back then and it’s continued to fuel everything we do as a company today.

How can you use technology to help yourself? To help others? To achieve more? To change the world?

Ask us, we’re here to help you figure out how.

Dave Haeffner
Founder and Captain, Arrgyle